Welcome to AlgoDaruma!

We have created AlgoDaruma to spark a community in the MetaVerse in hopes of achieving our yearly goals together. AlgoDaruma is our expression of art and our joy and we wish for you to join our journey!

What do you get when you combine the love of Algorand technology and Japanese culture?

You get ALGODARUMA! The iconic Japanese idol that wishes are made yearly in the hopes of achieving them at the end of the year. If that wish is not fulfilled, the doll is then burned! Don’t fret, your digital AlgoDaruma’s wont be burned.


Customs for holders

New game add-ons

Double KARMA Friday

Yokai Body

Yokai Faces

Yokai Weapons

Yokai Costumes

Yokai Backgrounds

Physical Items and Exchange System

Our shuffle release will be dictated upon how fast each shuffle and auction sales are. We will ensure all of our followers are informed when these drops will happen. Furthermore, each quarter is sliced up in three month increments.

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